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508 Policy MH-Administration/Staff/Certification

508.02 (VG02-0001) Mental Health Staff Meetings

508.03 (VG03-0001) Death Notification, Critical Incident Notification, and Investigation

508.03 Attachment 1, Offender Death Notification Form (M03-01-01)  

508.03 Attachment 2, Critical Incident Notification Form (M03-01-02)

508.04 (VG10-0001) Credentialing Verification and Privileging

508.04 Attachment 1, Request for Clinical Privileges (M10-01-01)

508.04 Attachment 2, Description of Clinical Functions (M10-01-02)

508.04 Attachment 3, Criteria for Clinical Privileges (M10-01-03)

508.08 (VG17-0001) Staff Development and Training

508.08 (VG17-0001) Attachment 1, Orientation for Mental Health Staff (M17-01-01)

508.08 (VG17-0001) Attachment 2, Orientation for Licensed Staff (M17-01-02)

508.10 (VG20-0002)  Confidentiality of Mental Health Records

508.11 (VG25-0001) Mental Health Continuous Quality Improvement

508.11 Attachment 1, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Summary ( M25-01-01)

508.12 (VG26-0001) Mental Health Audits and Evaluations of Mental Health Services

508.12 Attachment 1, Mental Health Program Audit Corrective Action Plan (M26-01-01)

508.12 Attachment 2, Documents Needed to Facilitate a Comprehensive Audit (M26-01-02)

508.12 Attachment 3, Audit Process Outline (M26-01-03)

508.12 Attachment 4, Audit Tool Scoring Guidelines (M26-01-04)

508.12 Attachment 5, Mental Health Comprehensive Audit Tool (M26-01-05)

508.12 Attachment 6, Comprehensive Audit Tool Scoring Sheet (M26-01-06)

508.12 Attachment 7, Integrated Treatment Facility Comprehensive Audit Tool (M26-01-07)

508.22 (VG55-0001)  Mental Health Management of Suspected Sexual Abuse or Sexual Harassment

508.22 Attachment 1, Sexual Allegation Notification Log (M55-01-01)

508.22 Attachment 2, Consent to Sexual Abuse Evaluation (M55-01-02)

508.22 Attachment 3, Mental Health Evaluation Follow-Up Report (M55-01-03)

508.22 Attachment 4, MH Sexual Allegation Evaluation (M55-01-04)

508.26 (VG66-0001) Involuntary Medication Administration

508.26 Attachment 1, Involuntary Medication Order Check Sheet (M66-01-01)

508.26 Attachment 2, Physician Opinion For Involuntary Medication (M66-01-02)

508.26 Attachment 3, Notification of Involuntary Medication Due Process Committee Hearing (M66-01-03)

508.26 Attachment 4, Involuntary Medication Rights of Offender (M66-01-04)

508.26 Attachment 5, Mental Health Due Process Committee Involuntary Medication Review (M66-01-05)

508.26 Attachment 6, Involuntary Medication Hearing Log (M66-01-06)

508.26 Attachment 7, Notification of Involuntary Medication Due Process Committee Decision (M66-01-07)

508.34 (VG81-0001) Clearance for Transitional Programs

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