GDC Research and Reports

This is the gateway to information produced by GDC's Planning & Strategic Management section, as well as agency annual reports produced by GDC's Office of Public Affairs. Content includes:

Standing Reports
The Friday Report, updated each Friday, shows snapshots and recent trends in critical system measures
Bench Stats shows felony sentences broken out by individual crimes.
Special Analyses focus on specific criminal justice issues such as truth in sentencing, sex crimes against children, the aging inmate population, and the death penalty.
Statistical trends show historic patterns in inmate populations, jail backlogs, length of stay, releases, and recidivism.

Annual Reports
Annual Reports include detailed statistical profiles of inmate admissions, inmate releases, probation starts, and probation terminations - broken out by calendar year (January-December) and fiscal year (July-June). Calendar year reports also include a roster and analysis of death-row inmates. Fiscal year reports include the agency's annual reports.

Monthly Reports
Monthly Reports include detailed statistical profiles of standing populations, including total inmates, life-sentence inmates, life-without-parole inmates, juveniles sentenced as adults, and death row inmates, as well as rosters (lists) of inmates from foreign countries.

All this information can be accessed via the menu at right on this and following pages.


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