Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

As of 7/2010, we've made 1,368 contraband arrests

On November 10 at Hays State Prison, after visitation had ended security staff were conducting routine searches when they discovered 1 cellphone wrapped in black electrical tape. Visitor, Avis Frazier was arrested by the Chattooga Sheriff’s Office for attempting to bring contraband into the facility.

On November 6 at Smith State Prison, security staff was alerted to a perimeter alarm. After conducting a search, security staff found 4 packages wrapped in black electrical tape. Three unknown suspects were arrested by Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office.

On November 5 at Augusta State Medical Prison, Officer Jasmine Wilkens attempted to enter the facility when security staff detected rolling papers in her backpack. After consenting to a search, security staff discovered 2.14 ounces of marijuana, additional rolling papers, and Green Dot cards. Officer Wilkins was arrested by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

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