Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

As of 7/2010, we've made 1,304 contraband arrests

On June 10 at Autry State Prison, civilians Roderick Battle, Jr. and Gary Bonner were arrested by Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office, after their vehicle was observed turning around near the facility. 30 small bundles of an unknown amount of marijuana wrapped in black electrical tape was discovered in their vehicle. 

On June 9 at Dodge State Prison, visitor Sarah Hagen was observed by security staff passing a SIM card to an offender. Visitor Hagen was arrested by Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. 

On June 9 at Calhoun State Prison, a vehicle was observed parked near the facility. Consent was given to Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office to search the vehicle, where they located an unknown amount of marijuana, several golf ball sized unidentified substances wrapped in black tape, black rubber boots, one pair of black pants, and one lack long sleeve shirt. The 4 civilians were arrested by Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office.

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