Report Inmate Cell Phone and Social Network Usage

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GDC's efforts to bring college classes to Tift continue.

For more information, please contact Mr. Bob Gaylor (478.992.2835 or 404.783.8049, cell or or
Ms.Delphine Reese (478.992.2834 or 404.665.7370, cell or

Georgia Department of Corrections is a learning organization and values the continuing education of its employees. We believe all staff should strive to improve their value to the organization by continuous learning about our chosen profession.

The Georgia Department of Corrections has approximately 13,000 employees, the majority of whom have only a high school diploma. These employees are dedicated public servants who work hard to keep the community and their facilities safe and secure.

The GDC Education Initiative seeks to invest in these employees’ futures by providing opportunities for higher education and by setting the following goals for every employee who does not have a college degree:

  • Two year Associate Degree within five years
  • Four year Bachelor’s Degree within ten years