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Wayne State Prison in Odum Slated for Realignment

Staff and Inmate Population to Move to More Efficient Long County Facility

Atlanta – The Georgia Department of Corrections announced today the 200-bed Wayne State Prison in Odum, Georgia will cease operations effective October of this year.  The Department simultaneously announced that these resources will be realigned utilizing the Long County facility located in Ludowici, approximately 20 miles northwest of Wayne. 

Nearly forty years old, Wayne State Prison was identified in the Department’s master plan in 2007 as a “non-enduring” facility, due primarily to the age and condition of the physical infrastructure.  In order to continue to operate, the facility would require approximately $1.3 million in repairs.  Additionally, annual operating costs reach close to $3.6 million, for an average cost of just under $50 per inmate, per day.

In contrast, the 192-bed Long County facility in Ludowici is three years old, and has an annual operating budget of approximately $2.4 million, or $38 per inmate, per day.  As a result, the Department plans to move both the staff and inmates from Wayne to the more efficient Long facility, realizing an annual savings of approximately $3 million. 

“We value the partnership and support we have in Wayne County,” said Corrections Commissioner James E. Donald.  “Although we are realigning Wayne State Prison, we will continue to keep fire and farm services operational.”

Staff and inmates currently housed at Long County will subsequently move to the new 256-bed Fast Track housing unit at Smith State Prison in Glennville, Georgia for additional efficiency measures.

“We continue to “right size” the Department of Corrections by divesting ourselves of smaller, older, inefficient and expensive facilities,” said Commissioner Donald.  “Our commitment to protecting and serving the citizens of Georgia while being good stewards of public funds remains constant.”

To further increase bed capacity in Georgia prisons, additional fast track facilities are scheduled to open this Fall at Macon State Prison, and Dooly State Prison.  Four other fast track facilities will be opening in early Spring at Ware State Prison, Hays State Prison, Valdosta State Prison and Coastal State Prison.  The Department also has plans to add nearly 1,400 triple-bunk beds to various prisons across the state, ultimately adding approximately 3,000 beds this year.

The Department of Corrections is the fifth largest prison system in the United States and is responsible for supervising nearly 60,000 state prisoners and over 150,000 probationers.  It is the largest law enforcement agency in the state with approximately 15,000 employees.