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Schedule an Inmate Interview

Media requests for interviews shall be communicated to the Office of Public Affairs by email to not contact facilities directly. Prior to the formal approval process, media representatives must provide written consent from an inmate for an interview. The interview process will not begin until all required paperwork is received. At least 48 hours advance notice is required for visits to facilities/centers and interviews.

Interviews are conducted Tuesdays-Thursdays and will be limited to one hour in length. Inmates may not receive any compensation for interviews of any type. 

Requests for interviews with inmates may be denied when such interview would, at the discretion of the Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Regional Director, Warden, or Superintendent, jeopardize the security of the facility or center or the well-being of the inmate or staff. Factors to be taken into consideration when making this determination include, but are not limited to: 

  • Inmate has had one (1) or more disciplinary reports that resulted in the imposition of sanctions within the past 24 months;
  • Inmate has had one (1) or more disciplinary reports for  the possession of contraband, including cell phones, that resulted in the imposition of sanctions;
  • Inmate has had one (1) or more disciplinary reports for acts of violence against another inmate, a visitor, or a GDC employee that resulted in the imposition of sanctions;
  • Inmate is under a sentence that prohibits contact with any person, such as a victim or witness;
  • Inmate is under investigation, indictment, or a sentence for an offense that relates to the introduction of contraband, including cell phones, into a prison, jail, or similar facility;
  • Inmate is under sentence for an offense that relates to tampering with witnesses, tampering with evidence, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, or similar conduct; 
  • Inmate is a juvenile, under a death sentence, has a security classification of “Close” or higher, or is housed in isolation, segregation, the Tier program, in diagnostic status, or any other specialized living unit;
  • Inmate is under investigation, indictment, or a sentence relating to criminal conduct allegedly committed while in GDC custody;
  • Inmate has had one (1) or more prior visitors who introduced or attempted to introduce contraband into a GDC facility;
  • Media representative is found to be uncooperative and an undue disruption to the facility/center at the time of entering said location or at any time during granted access; 
  • Proposed project will be used in a documentary entertainment production that glorifies, promotes, or sensationalizes criminal activity;
  • Proposed project would cause unrest, disturb the good order of the institution, or bring notoriety to an offender or a specific offense; 
  • Proposed project would capture images within our medical units and/or inmates receiving medical care;
  • Inmate is a confirmed member of a security threat group.

All cameras, video and audio recording equipment will be subject to normal search procedures and will only be allowed in facilities or centers by prior permission of the Office of Public Affairs, Regional Director, and the Warden or Superintendent. The following items are not permitted inside facilities/centers

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets (iPads)
  • Tobacco products
  • Purses
  • Briefcases
  • Keys
  • Other contraband items identified by the Department

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