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Consolidated Banking Process

To Send Money or Pay Restitution, Fines, or Fees by Money Order:

Westernn Union You may send money to state prison inmates only or pay parolee or probationer restitution, fines, or fees by mail (addresses are at the bottom of the page).

Please include a voucher from this website along with any money order payment.
This will ensure accurate and timely credit to the intended account.


Computer Requirements:

Adobe Reader:

Get the Adobe ReaderThe computer you use must have the Adobe Reader. Click on the Get Adobe Reader button on the left to download the latest version of the Adobe Reader.

To use the GDC payment voucher system:

1. Enter The Information:

On the Voucher Printing System page:

  • Choose your Voucher Type:
    "Pay Parolee/Probationer Fees" or "Send Money to an Inmate"
  • Enter the GDC ID:
    You must have a valid GDC ID number to use this system. If you don't, you will not be able to print your voucher.
  • Submit the Form:
    Click the "Get Voucher" button.
  • GDC ID Accepted:
    If you submit a valid GDC ID and the correct voucher type (see above), a voucher with the GDC ID and name will be returned.
If You Keep Getting Errors From the Voucher Page:

If you see an error, please try again - you may be entering an incorrect voucher type for the GDC ID you entered, or you may have an incorrect GDC ID number. If you resumbit the information and still see an error (i.e. "the number is not in the system"), please call (404)656-4661 to get a valid GDC ID number.

2. Print The Voucher:

  • Verify the Voucher:
    Please check the voucher to make sure the information matches the GDC ID number and name you intended.
    If the GDC ID or name on the voucher doesn't match the name of the offender and/or the GDC ID you entered, please go back to the beginning and try again. If you're still having difficulty, please call (404)656-4661.
  • Once you've checked the voucher information, and verified that it is correct, print it.

3. Mail the Voucher:

  • Put the voucher and money order in a stamped envelope and mail to one of these P.O. Boxes:

    For Parolee/Probationer Restitution/Fines/Fees:

    Probation / Parole Payments
    P.O BOX 820810
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33082

    For Offender Funds:

    GDC � Trust Deposits
    P.O BOX 246570
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33024


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