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How do I find a Facility?

There is an interactive Facility Search on this website, which can be found here: GDC Facility Search. To find a facility, select that facility's name from the drop-down list in the box by clicking the small arrow to the right of "select a facility", scrolling down, and then clicking on the facility of your choice. This search includes a detailed information sheet on most Georgia State and County Prisons, Correctional Institutions, Transitional Centers, and Pre-Release Centers, which can be obtained by clicking "Facility Info" on the facility search results page. The information provided on these sheets also includes directions and an interactive Google Map under the "Map and Directions" tab.

We do not currently provide information sheets for county jails. You will not see a "facility Info" button for county jail search results.

In addition, we also a comprehensive listing of our Facilities and Probation Offices.

Can I send money to an offender?

Yes! We provide comprehensive information on how to send money to an offender and/or make probationer payments on our website via our Consolidated Banking Process here.

What type of pajamas can I send an offender?

  • Blue or Black pajamas are not allowed
  • Must be a "Traditional Style", 2-piece set
  • Simple cotton is acceptable
  • Can not resemble active wear
  • Plaid fabric is acceptable, however, blue or black can not be the predominate color(s)
  • Elastic waist or drawstring is acceptable

Can I get an offender’s status & the date of a transfer? How do I inquire about a loved one?

Unfortunately, due to security concerns, the Georgia Department of Corrections does not provide the date of offender transfers. To inquire as to an offender's status, you may check the Offender Search here. If you need more information after searching our online database, please Contact Us

How can I apply to become a Correctional Officer or Probation Officer?

All applicants can obtain a job application at any GDC facility or at the Georgia Department of Labor. Also, you may call the GDC Job Hotline at 1-888-343-JOBS, option #4 or 478-992-5175. Employment related e-mail should be sent to

Click here for theVacancy Announcement and Application Form

How do I find out: offender's state identification (or "EF") number?
An offender's crime?
An offender's tentative parole month?
...where an offender is incarcerated?

This information can be obtained through our public website under the Offender Search link or directly from the offender.

Can I get an offender moved closer to me or farther away from my community?

?If you are attempting to have the offender moved closer to you, you should have the offender make the request to his / her counselor in the prison. If you are trying to have the offender moved farther away, you should contact the Office of Ombudsman and Family Advocacy at 478-992-5358.

Does GDC coordinate prison tours for troubled youths?

Does GDC coordinate prison tours for troubled youths?Yes. Tours are available for schools (colleges/universities included) and organizations. Persons younger than 14 years of age will not be admitted into any institution, unless they are in an alternative school, in school suspension or on probation. No person under 12 years of age will be admitted to any prison at any time.

Tour requests should be submitted to the Office of Public Information by calling 478-992-5247 or use the Request to Arrange a Guided Prison Tour Form. Click on this link for the form

I heard about a new feature on your website, but I still see an old version of your page.

Most browsers will save a snapshot of the sites that you visit in a temporary area of your hard drive to speed up access on subsequent visits. This can prevent you from viewing content that has recently been updated. To resolve this issue, clear all of the temporary files in your browser's cache. The procedure to do this will vary with different browsers. Check your browser's documentation to determine the proper means to perform this task. Some additional notes can be seen on our technical support page.

I can't seem to locate an offender using the query tool

Try using ONLY the first four letters of the last name and instruct the query to return records for ALL offenders, not just the active ones. Please note that we currently do not publish records of offenders that were convicted and completed their sentence under Georgia's First Offender act.

The 360 degree virtual tour won't run on my machine.

Some browsers are not able to run the virtual tour. If the initial page doesn't work, be sure to try our alternate page, which uses another method. If you need additional information on this issue, please see the notes on our technical support page.

I can't get the GBI Sex Offender registry to load.

The GBI Sex Offender site is not managed by the Georgia Department of Corrections. Please go to GBI's home page for assistance with this issue.

I can't get the photo of an offender to load.

Many of the offender photos are either unavailable or have not been uploaded yet. We are adding new photos all the time, so check back occasionally to see if the photo you are looking for has been uploaded.

Why does the Offender Search keep sending me back to the disclaimer page?

To use this application, you must enable cookies on your browser. Some sites use cookies for marketing purposes. We do not. We only use a cookie that helps our application operate correctly, and expires as soon as you close your browser.

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