Report Inmate Cell Phone and Social Network Usage

Reentry Services is a section within the Georgia Department of Corrections charged with the primary purpose to promote public safety through collaborative partnerships which reflect a seamless system that assist returning offenders to be law-abiding, productive community citizens.

Reentry Services is a core commitment of the Georgia Department of Corrections Strategic Plan and supports the core goal to make a safer, healthier, better educated, and best managed Georgia. Reentry is a process of transition that should begin at the offender’s earliest point of entry into prison, probation or at pre-sentence guided by offender assessment and evidence-based interventions. Reentry provides effective opportunities for offenders to achieve positive change and to be a more pro-social contributor to society.

The mission of Reentry Services is to establish effective methods that permeate all levels of affected agencies and organizations to reduce recidivism through collaborative partnerships that support offender placement into evidence-based interventions and continue through offender transition to the community. Reentry begins when offenders enter our system.

The sections and documents within Reentry Services are:

For additional information contact:

Monique Grier, Director of Community Reentry