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Office of Professional Standards

The mission of The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) is to protect and serve the public, employees, and offenders. This diverse office incorporates both administrative and criminal investigative functions in order to provide oversight for the leadership and staff of the GDC, while coordinating and collaborating with external local, state, and federal agencies and entities.

OPS is responsible for providing unbiased, uncompromising accountability, and results that reflect the highest professional standard. This office accomplishes its mission by recruiting the best and most qualified for the job, while promoting quality education and training. The office optimizes information, technology, and state of the art equipment and integrates it into the department’s systems and processes.

OPS consists of six (6) main divisions: Criminal Investigations Division, Canine Operations, Fugitive Unit, Internal Affairs Unit, Intelligence Divison, and Compliance Unit. Each OPS Division is comprised of subunits with varied functions.


Criminal Investigations Division
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Financial Investigations
  • Special Investigations
  • Polygraph Services
  • Security Threat Groups (Gangs)
Intelligence Division
  • Criminal Intelligence Unit
    • Digital Forensics
Fugitive Operations
Canine Operations
Internal Affairs
  • Administrative Investigations
  • Inmate Concerns
  • Ombudsman Unit

For more information on the Office of Professional Standards, click here.

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