Report Inmate Cell Phone and Social Network Usage

Here is an overview of the Day Reporting Center (DRC):

There are 15 Day Reporting Centers (DRCs) currently in operation throughout the State. Day Reporting Centers provide intensive substance abuse treatment for up to 100 offenders sentenced by the Courts or who have not responded to more traditional supervision and treatment efforts. Failure at a DRC results in revocation proceedings against the offender. Although the cost is more than field probation, a DRC it is only a fraction of the cost of providing a residential alternative.

The program includes components such as substance abuse counseling, cognitive restructuring, adult basic education, employment enhancement, intensive supervision, and community service. A six month aftercare component follows the on-site programming. Offenders assigned to the program are required to be employed while in phase 2 of the program. For more details regarding the Day Reporting Program, please return go GDC website and click on the Reports link, then Fact sheet, then Day Reporting Centers.

Here is an overview of the Day Reporting Center Program Lite (DRC Lite):

There are 13 DRC Lites, similar in concept to the Day Reporting Centers (DRC). DRC Lites bring enhanced supervision and programming (for identified substance abuse offenders) and often under resourced rural circuits. See further materials here.