Report Inmate Cell Phone and Social Network Usage

The Administration Division provides financial and asset management support for the Department of Corrections. Additionally, engineering and construction services and correctional industries are managed under the Administration Division.

Financial management involves the development, allocation and administration of resources to support the operations and strategic directions of the Department. Financial management ensures the proper execution of agency financial transactions including purchasing, accounting and payroll. The annual operating budget for the Department is in excess of $1.15 billion with an annual payroll for over 12,600 authorized positions.

Asset management involves ensuring that the Department is accountable for the acquisition and use of assets, and that those assets are maintained and audited according to state and federal requirements. The Department's inventory of property items exceeds $300 million in value and its infrastructure is valued at approximately $2.3 billion.

Engineering and Construction Services coordinates design and construction of new facilities and manages the maintenance of existing facilities.

Georgia Correctional Industries is a self-sufficient authority owned by the state, operating under the Georgia Department of Corrections. Manufacturing, food production and processing programs are funded by the high-quality products and services sold to government agencies.