Appointed by the Governor, the Commissioner serves as the chief executive of the Georgia Department of Corrections, responsible for the overall management, administration and operation of the agency through the Assistant Commissioner and other senior management staff.

Assistant Commissioner

The Assistant Commissioner serves as the Commissioner's appointed deputy, functioning as second in command of the department. The Assistant Commissioner assumes responsibility for the overall administration and operation of the agency in the Commissioner's absence or as directed by the Commissioner.

Confidential Secretary

The Confidential Secretary is the secretary and personal assistant to the Commissioner, handling departmental matters of a confidential, sensitive and policy-making nature.

Board Liaison

The Board Liaison provides administrative support and coordination for the 16 members of the Board of Corrections.

Director of Corrections

The Corrections Division is the largest division in the Georgia Department of Corrections. The Division Director is ultimately accountable for the operations of prisons, probation offices, boot camps, and correctional centers as well as the safety and well-being of the staff who work in these areas. Overall, the Director of Corrections has responsibility for over 180,000 offenders sentenced the Department of Corrections and approximately 13,000 staff who directly supervise or support the supervision of these offenders.

Among the Director's duties are:
  • Directs management and supervision of the agency's offenders, including both those in prisons or other confinement facilities and those under field supervision.
  • Promotes policies and programs designed to effectively reduce offender recidivism.
  • Analyzes agency program initiatives to assess their effectiveness, to support offender supervision activities, and provide a safe working environment to staff.
  • Oversees the development, implementation, and revision of Division policy.
  • Interprets policies and procedures for executive and management staff.
  • Acts as departmental representative for interpreting policy and procedure and responding to requests for information and complaints a varied customer base.
  • Promotes the interests of the Division and the Department.
Director of Administration

The Administration Division Director oversees the operations, activities and staff of the Administration Division which is responsible for providing business and technical support to the entire department.

Director of Operations, Planning, and Training

The Operations, Planning, and Training Division Director manages the operations of Planning, Training, Risk Reduction Services, Engineering, Information Technology, Health Services, Fire Services, the Communications Center, and the departmental Safety Officer.