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Our Mission

The Department of Corrections creates a safer Georgia by effectively managing offenders and providing opportunities for positive change.

The Georgia Department of Corrections is the best corrections system in the nation at protecting citizens from convicted offenders and at providing effective opportunities for offenders to achieve positive change. We are a leader and partner in making Georgia a safer, healthier, better educated, growing, and best managed state. more

Corrections Costs

Costs for various criminal justice sanctions vary greatly, depending mainly upon whether the offender is housed in a facility or lives at home, the degree of hardened construction of the facility (security level), and upon the ratio of offenders to staff, among other factors. more

Agency Overview

An organizational chart and generalized overview of the Georgia Department of Corrections including the various positions within the Executive Branch of our Department, and what the individual responsibilities of those positions include. more

Executive Operations

From Brian Owens, Commissioner:

Our team of approximately 12,500 Corrections professionals rises above the demands of our industry every day to achieve our mission - building on a proven track record of good stewardship and integrity in the largest law enforcement agency in the state.

Our agenda is clear. Public safety is non-negotiable as we strive to oversee more than 55,000 offenders in state facilities and more than 160,000 probationers under our supervision.more

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about GDC jobs, policy, operations, or offenders? more

GDC Virtual Prison Tour

Visit our 360 degree Virtual Prison Tour, and see inside views of some of our prison facilities.more

Georgia Correctional Industries

Georgia Correctional Industries, established 1960 as a public corporation owned by the state of Georgia, Department of Corrections. Because state offenders are used in the manufacture of its goods, GCI is restricted to sell only to government agencies. This restriction creates an inherent necessity to cultivate and retain long-term business relationships with customers. This is done by providing goods that are comparable to name brand quality at a cost efficient price. GCI offers a broad variety of products including; office furniture, institutional furniture, road signs, janitorial chemicals and print services. more